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Here is how we venture into this medical field as follows:
The most important mantras in Medical Fraternity in today’s world are Technology, Efficiency, Knowledge which should get updated continuously and most importantly timely service.
We “M / S HEART CARE INDIA COMPANY” wanted to render our service to the mankind with utmost sincerity and humbleness by including the above criteria as our daily mantra.
Please find a brief history on how we ventured in to the Medical Field and made our own imprints in the field of Cardiology / Cardiothoracic

Our Field of Speciality

When our founder Mr Mani Mozhi wanted to break the routine and set his foot in the field of Medicine, he passionately decided that Cardio Thoracic Instruments will be his speciality as he felt that this particular field required lot of assistance and attention as the death rates were high due to Heart Failures at that particular point of time and still continues to top the chart


M/S HEART CARE INDIA CO was established in the year 1991 by our founder Mr.Mani Mozhi. Our founder as always had the passion for achievements and had the urge to break the stereotype routine of a salaried life. To gain a versatile experience he joined a well-established Surgical Company. He groomed and horned his passion by going that extra mile and always being proactive with his clients.
Within a short span of six years due to his hard work he had gained enough knowledge to stand on his own and face challenges and that’s how our organisation M/S HEART CARE INDIA CO was born in the year 1991. This is our founders dream child and he was ready to nurture it with all his intelligence, passion, handwork and ability

From Sub-distributor to Major Distributor
In our initial days we worked as a sub-distributor of various products. This continued till the year 1995. From 1995 we pushed our company to the next level which acted as the major step stone to establish ourselves as the Pioneer of Heart Care products
We became main distributors for many major companies and started importing surgical products from some of the important manufacturers around the world.
We won the Best Distributor Award for Carbomedics Heart Valve for the year 2000
This was primarily possible because of our founder’s crucial knowledge of the market, the strategy he had for the Business, his rapport with the Doctors and Major Medical Institutes, his decision in selecting the right people and right team, his knowledge on Crisis Management and his Organizational skills.