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Hypothermia Machine

Hypothermia Machine

HYPOTHERMIA Specifications


Dual Reservoir Cooler / Heater (Fiber Tank)
Designed Fast Accurate Temperature Control During Open Heart Surgery
Precise Blood Temperature Control Without Ice
Automatic Temperature Controller with East to Read Temperature Monitor
Maintains Temperature Between 2°C to 42° C
Built in High & Low Limit Thermostat & Circuit Breakers Enhance Safety
Independent Cooling & Heating
Independent Own Controller & Display
Separate Port for Heat exchange & blankets
Water level indicator = if it is low alarm will give sound
If Heater temperature exceeds the limit , the heater will cut off automatically


Reservoir capacity cool 8 liters, hot 8 liters
Reservoir Fluid, Distilled (or) Filtered Water
(Do not use ordinary water the machine will spoil very quickly)
Flow Rate 13 LPM with flow thro Hansen Fittings
Max Pressure 25 PSI
Rust Proof Fiber glass Reservoir Construction


Fluid Temperature Control Range 2° C to 42° C
Temperature Control Accuracy +/ -1° C
½ HP Heavy Duty Compressor for Cooling
Fluid Cooling Range 32° C to 2° C
Fluid Heating Range 32° C to 42° C
Power Consumption for Heater 2000 watts
Hansen Fitting ½” for inlet & Outlet ¼” for Water Drain


High Limit Thermostat 42° C Low Limit Thermostat 2° C


220 v – 230 v AC 50Hz 1 to 20 AMPS
Power Consumption 2000 Watts
Circuit Breaker 10 AMPS Loan Conductor


L x W x H – m650mm x 600 mm x 700 mm
Cabinet Weight 120 kg


Before using please clean Heater/cooler tank
Both cooler and Heater tank should be filled with distilled water
up to water level indicator otherwise water level indicator will give buzzer sound
with red light and as well as cooler & Heater switch will not work
Switch ON the main switch is on the Right side of the Machine
Overload button is next to the Main Switch on the right side for the Machine
Set the desire temperature, both cooler and heater side to min 2°C to Max 42° C


When you switch on the cold water circulation, hot water circulation switch will not work.
The same way if you switch on the hot water circulation cold water circulation switch will not work
½” tubing connector hose inlet and outlet which goes to the oxygenator
¼” tubing connector is provided for drainage of heater and cooler
(suitable connector will be given separately) 3/8” tubing connectors inlet and outlet are provided for blanket connecting,
which is compatible for both indigenous and imported