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Heart Lung Machine

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Heart Lung Machine

Heart Lung Machine Specifications

3 Single head roller pump with individual touch screen control.
1 double head roller pump with touch screen control.
1 console with two touch screen display control. They are
> Timer and temperature use as one module
> Pressure and level monitor use as one module.
All 4 Pump Heads have Battery Backup of One Hour.
Single head roller pump functionalities
Fully touch screen control.
Horseshoe pump head design.
Bi-directional control.
Rotatable head.
Thumb wheel locking mechanism.
Touch button start, stop and override control.
Automated cover safety control.
Each head has one timer unit.
Occlusion 0.015mm
Raceway accuracy 0.03mm

Double head roller pump functionalities
Fully feather touch control for both pumps.
Horseshoe pump head design.
Thumb wheel locking mechanism.
Each roller pump we can easily control Bi-direction.
Both rollers can be used ratio manner.
Automated cover safety control.
It has start, stop and override button control.
It has one timer unit.
Occlusion 0.015mm
Raceway accuracy 0.03mm.

Fully feather Touch Control Console
Modular system as per the customer requirement.
3 Timers – hh:mm:ss setting.
3 Temperature 0 to 50’c monitoring with accuracy 0.1 degree.
2 pressures (-50 to 300 mmg) monitoring and control.
One level monitor.
One Bubble Sensor
Pressure, Bubble and level module generates pump head stop signal.
These pressure upper limit sets via touch screen.
Easy pressure zero calibration settings.

Heart Lung Machine 4 Single head with timer with base for 4 head
(Old Version)