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Here is how we ventured into the medical / surgical field :
The most important mantras in the medical fraternity in today’s world are technology, efficiency and knowledge which should get updated continuously and most importantly provide timely service. We “M / S HEART CARE INDIA COMPANY” wanted to render service to mankind with utmost sincerity and humbleness by including the above criteria as our daily mantra. Please find a brief history on how we ventured into the medical / surgical field and made our own imprints in the field of Cardiology / Cardiothoracic surgery.

Our Field of Speciality

Our President Marketing S. Manimozhi finished his post graduation and joined the services of a leading surgical company M/s South India Surgical Co Chennai in the year 1985 and continued his service with them till 1991 as an Area Sales Manager. Right from his first year of service with SISCO he was awarded the best salesman award annually during his service at SISCO. At SISCO Manimozhi was exposed to marketing a wide range of products of PENTAX, SHILEY, POLYSTAN ,BARD,JMS, KARL STORZ, KEELER HUNTLEIGH Technology, BAXTER (OXYGENATOR, DIALYZER & CRITICAL CARE PRODUCTS), TORAY DIALYZER & GAMBRO etc, besides marketing of surgical instruments and other consumables and life saving devices and equipment.

After having obtained the required confidence to venture out on his own Manimozhi commenced his own business in the name of B.M .Marketing. The main object of B.M Marketing was to procure hospital needs from quality manufacturers across the country and to supply them at very reasonable prices to all hospitals both in the Government and private sectors. While this business succeeded, Manimozhi decided to concentrate on the growing cardiac surgical side of business in the country. From the year 1995 his new organization under the name “HEART CARE INDIA CO.” took shape and the company started to represent mainly overseas manufactures of equipments and life saving devices with a focus on cardiac surgery.

Heart Care India Co was approached at the EACTS in Sydney Australia in the year 1997 by M/s Carbomedics USA to undertake distribution of their Heart valves for the South Indian states. At that point of time, most of the cardiac surgeons in South India were reluctant to use the Heart valves manufactured by M/s Carbomedics.

HeartCare India Co went into a deep investigation in this regard and came to know that due to the very economically backward patients who were implanted with the Carbomedics heart valves at a Govt Hospital (NIMS) in Hyderabad did not go for a periodic check-up and their financial status did not permit them to purchase the anticoagulant medicine on their own. The anticoagulant medicine/Drug has to be taken life long by any patient who has undergone a heart valve replacement.

Further, the Govt Hospital ( NIMS ) in Hyderabad was short of stock of anticoagulant drugs due to financial crunch and the poor patients implanted with the Carbomedics valves at this hospital did not survive for a long period, because of their not taking the prescribed anticoagulant drug regularly. This was in no way connected with the quality and functioning of the Carbomedics heart valves. Subsequently, HCIC made a survey at one of the main corporate hospitals in Hyderabad that had implanted more than 100 heart valves of Carbomedics. None of these patients had any post-operative complications as they had been taking the periodic check ups done by the cardiologist. Further Carbomedics have been the supplier of phyrotic carbon, titanium rings, etc to other brands of heart valve manufacturers like ST. Judes ATS and ON-X and other country valves.

The Laborious hard work for a time span of nearly two years put in by Mr. S. Manimozhi involved him in meeting the patient attenders of nearly 100 patients operated at the Govt Hospital (NIMS) in Hyderabad and collecting the exact reasons for the death of the patients. In a similar manner, Mr. S.Manimozhi met nearly 100 attenders of patients operated and transplanted with Carbomedics heart valves at CARE group of Hospital Hyderabad and collected information from them that all these patients were doing well after the Carbomedics valve transplants.

This information was presented to the cardiologists at NIMS Hyderabad and lead to the removal of the BAN on Carbomedics valves. We convinced the cardiologists at the Govt Hospital (NIMS) in Hyderabad and gave them copies of certificates from the cardiologist of the corporate hospital which clearly stated that none of their patients who were fixed with Carbomedics heart valves had any post-operative complications. This was accepted by the Govt Hospital (NIMS) in Hyderabad and they lifted their ban on Carbomedics heart valves and commenced using the same.

This was due to the perseverance and devoted efforts of HCIC to erase the wrong opinion about Carbomedics heart valves. HCIC very actively convinced the cardiac surgeons in their areas of distribution of the Carbomedics heart valves. HCIC registered very good sales of the heart valves and were awarded the best sales achievement award for Carbomedics heart valves for the years 2000 and 2001. The award was given in Spain.

After this period the manufacturing facility of Carbomedics heart valves were taken over by a multinational co M/s. Sorin – Group which led to them appointing their own distributors. All said and done it is an indisputable fact, that it was the pioneering efforts of HCIC which placed the Carbomedics heart valves to be regularly used in India.

The award certificates from Carbomedics are shown in this company profile

Heart Care India Co. also diversified into manufacture of Heart Lung machine, Hypothermia (Heater Cooler) Machines, Fibrillator, Non Disposable cardioplegia delivery system etc and has successfully installed and commissioned the equipment in many Govt. and Pvt. sector hospital in the country.

Further participating in important annual conferences in cardiac surgery in India and attending international congresses related to cardiac surgery in many countries, has given Manimozhi and Heart Care India Co., the much needed updates in cardiac surgery developments worldwide. On the commercial side, Heart care India Co is appreciated by the overseas principals they represent for the timely payments and placement of orders in accordance with the stipulations of their principals and in maintaining buffer stocks.

Having its head quarters in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu in the South of India, a branch office of Heart Care India Co., functions in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu State and More branches are to commence operations shortly in the cities of Bangalore, Mangalore, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, and in the state of Kerala and in Union territory Pondicherry in the southern part of India as well.

Proper regular product training is given on a routine basis in Heart Care India Co., to all its marketing / Sales personnel as well as to the administrative staff. This has gone a long way and the efforts of the marketing sales executives have earned the desired results and the appreciation of the vast clientele.

While the bread and butter business of Heart Care India Co., is focused on cardiac surgery, other specialties like plastics surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Gynecology and general surgery are also being catered to with quality products.

Participating and sponsor or continuing ing programmes f medical education (CME) meeting / seminars in leading hospitals is one of the regular features of Heart Care India Co.,

With its focus on serving the sick patients and to make available quality products to hospital and the medicals / surgical fraternity in India on a cost effective basis, Heart Care India Co., is always on the lookout for good products for representing in India as EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS.

Principals List

The appended is the list of suppliers we had once dealt with. In most of the cases we were the sole distributors for South India or whole of India.

S.No. Direct Import Companies Products No of Years Handled
1 Suzler Carbomedics INC., USA 1) Prosthetic Heart Valves
2) Tissues Heart Valves
12 Years & above
2 Design For Vision Inc., USA Surgical Telescopes, Fibre Optic Light Source and Headlights 10 Years & above
3 SulzerVascutek, Scotland Grafts,Vein Stripper Patches 3 Years & above
4 Calmed Laboratories, USA Cardio Thoracic Cannulae 12 Years & above
5 Euroset. SRL, Italy Membrane BCD System Arterial Filter Membrane Oxygenators 2 Years & above
6 Wexler Surgical USA Specialty instruments 3 Years & above

We developed the user market for the above companies very well unfortunately these companies were taken over and acquired by other principals, who appointed their own distributors for the Indian market.

Please find the details of the suppliers we are currently dealing with
S.No. Direct Import Companies Territory No of Years Handled
1 Heart Care India Company (Our Own Manufacturing Products) INDIA 1. Indigenous Heart Lung Machine with all above relevant accessories India with battery backup
2. Hypothermia Machine with Blanket
3. Warmer Machine with Blanket
4. Cooler Machine with Blanket
5. Fibrillator With Pedal
6. NDCPD System (Adult & Pediatric
7. Gas Blender
8. Air Compressor
9. Disposable BCD,1 : 4 and 4:1 NOTE : All the above products are CE & ISO approved
20Years & above
2 Univet Technologies
South INDIA Imported Surgical Loupes
(CE certified)
Effective from 01/04/2018
3 Sechrist Gas Blender INDIA Air and Oxygen Mixer
(CE &FDA certified)
Effective from 01/04/2015
4 HCIC / Chamfond INDIA Loup and battery backup, Headlight / Retractors and Hooks - Colono and Gynaec (CE &FDA certified) Effective from 01/04/2018
5 Aygun Surgical Instruments, (Turkey) South INDIA Dermatome and Skin Graft Mesher (CE &FDA certified) Effective from 01/04/2018
6 Heart Care India Co. India. INDIA Hemo Clips and Applicators
(CE & ISO certified)
Effective from 01/04/2019
7 Heart Care India Co. India. INDIA Stands for All Oxygenators and Filters Effective from 01/04/2000
8 Quest Medicals (USA) South India Sub distributor Aortic Punch Effective from 01/04/2019
9 IISM — South Korea South INDIA Vein Probe (CE &FDA certified) Effective from 01/04/2018

Here we wish to confirm that we do not have any pending payments with any of our past or present suppliers. All our payments will be made promptly in advance. In these 25 years of establishment we never had qualms over our payments with our suppliers.

Our Products: We have the experience for marketing the following products also :

Techanical Heart Valve
Tissue Heart Valve
Annuloplasty Ring
Aortic Root Valve
Intracoronary Shunt
Hemo Clips
Heart Lung Machine
Hypothermia Machine
HLM Timer
Fibrillator With Pedal
Non Disposable Cardio plegia Delivery System (Adult&Pediatric)
Membrane Oxygenators
Blood Cardioplegia Delivery System
Arterial filter with Bypass line
Cardio Thoracic Cannula
Aortic Punches
Tissue Stabilizer (Medtronic’s & Guidant)
Vein stripper,
Fogarty Catheter,
Critical Care Products,
Surgical Telescopes,
Fiber Optics Head Light
Surgical Specialty Instruments
Endoscopic System

Apart from the above products, we have also dealt with Orthopedics, Neurology, Urology, Radiology, Cardiology and Anesthesiology as a sub distributor

Marketing and Sales   

Please find the efforts that we take to market the products when we sign the Distributorship in India.

Well Established Sales Network

Our Company always engages a very Professional Sales and Service team to market and render timely services to the entire sales requirement.

We make sure that each and every one in the team is well equipped with the product knowledge.

All our executives have a thorough knowledge of the Hospitals and their requirements in the respective areas and region they deal with.

They all have a well-established rapport to gather immediate messages about the tenders that are floated and also bulk requirements if any in all the hospitals they deal.

As in all cases, we have periodic meetings where we will revisit our targets and the efforts that we should put in to achieve them Hierarchy Of Our Sales Team

Marketing Strategy

If we consider us as an Exclusive Distributor to market your products with our rapidly expanding product line, our Sales force will drive a Strategic and Innovative sales promotions as follows.

We make sure that our Sales team and the Bio-Medical team would acquire the complete knowledge about the products from your Product specialists

To acquire the market we would be participating in the Annual Indian Conference with your support and take booths to display your products. In a way it is easy to meet all the surgeons under one roof to explain your products and the surgeon will also know that your products are available in Indian Market.

Another strategy is to conduct workshops, C.M.E., and Seminars in every state in a particular venue. We would invite the HOD (Head of Department), Assistant Surgeons, PGS, so it is easy to create a need within them to try our products and present the products both to the established surgeons and practicing surgeons.

After these initiatives, Our Sales Executives will meet the Surgeons regularly to convince them by discussing in detail about the Product, Price, Availability and Service

We always keep sufficient inventory stock with well organized logistics to meet the demands in the market then and there.


Once we have sign the agreement we would require the Market Material, Demo Kit, Related Technical Papers and your Product Journal papers to support our sales endeavors.

We would also like to meet key sales person in your team to discuss about various Business deals and by this means he also may get a chance to attend the Annual Indian Conference as well as visit some important Specialty Centers Hospitals.


Our Company's exemplary future plan is to expand our business with vigour. We are looking for an excellent product and good company which can give us an EXCLUSIVE DEALERSHIP for the product as well as Competitive Price to suit with the Indian Market to promote through our sales team and sales network for better progress towards fruitful business

Trust Our Company's Profile would have garnered an interest in you. If given an opportunity we will come to your place in person and discuss regarding the distribution of your products in Indian Market through our company.

Your Sincerely


Founder & President Marketing