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Hypothermia Machine



HYPOTHERMIA MACHINE MOVEABLE MODEL: Feather touch indigenous and compact dual reservoir coller/heater fiber tamk digital display. Hypothermia cooler/ Heater will develop and maintain temperatures between 2’C to 42’V, the unit is compact and occupies less flour space and moves on conductive swivel castors build circuit brakers enhances safety. Full stainless steel body.


Model: HC-HL-HT-100

1. Heater cooler device used during cardiothoracic surgeries to warm or cool a patient.
2. 2 Separate closed water tanks-both having independent cooling and warming.
3. 2 Separate heating coil with 2000 Watts capacity.
4. Independent temperature control of the patient and cardioplegia via separated water circuts.
5. Silent operation noise level < 60 Db (A)
6. Gradient mode for physiologically optimized heating and cooling (OPTIONAL)
7. Polished stainless-steel cabinet – easy to clean and damage, rust resistant.
8. Easy to maneuver using smooth running castor wheels with foot-lever operated brakes.
9. Temperature control range 2°C to 42°C
10. Flow capacity, patient water circuit 15-17 1/min.
11. Flow capacity, cardioplegia water circuit 9-11 1/min.
12. Minimum water pressure inside the heat exchanger 0.3-0.7 bar.
13. Maximum water pressure inside the exchanger 0.3-0.7 bar.
14. Heating/cooling blanket (adult-1,pediatric-1)
15. Tubing set for heating/cooling blankets.
16. Adapter set for heating/cooling blankets.
17. No water shunt &spillage.
18. Supply voltage 240 V ~ = 10% 60Hz, AC:50-60Hz.

No Temperature control New version Model (HYPOTHERMIA MACHINE): COMPLIANCE
1. Temperature control and monitor system with Cardioplega supply YES
2. Simultaneous delivery of water arterial and Cardioplega heat exchanges and to thermal blankets to be available from suitable ports. YES
3. To work with power supply 220 v 20 v 50 hz YES
4. Pessure regulator blanket ports maintaining the temperature of arterial port YES
5. Temperature display rance 0 to 50 degree Celsius YES
6. Microprocessor based unit to control, cool, rewarm and maintain the temperature. YES
7. Water outlet temperature of heat exchanger and blanket range 0 -40 d c YES
8 Maximum flow performance oxygenator heat exchanger supply prot 15-22lpm for fast cooling , 480mmHg Maximum pressure, blanket 1.5 to 2.5 lpm at zero head. YES
9. It is capable of providing ice water for Cardioplega independently with variable cooling rate YES
10. Temperature probe model for the operating ranges 0-42 d c YES
11. Temperature probe to fit in standard oxygenator (bubble / membrane) YES
12. This equipment has touch screen system with optional accessories of remote control model. Optional remits control unit should be capable of taking 3 temp. probes and display temp in digital readouts. Alarm limits setting for at least 3 probes at crucial sites. YES


Heart Care Brands Imported Brands
• We have a battery backup up to 2 hours for all 4 heads. • 45 min of battery backup only available
• Service and Maintenance , Spare parts are available immediately with cost effective • Service and maintenance , Spare Parts are not available immediately with high cost along with duty charges
• We offer 3 years of spares warranty and 7 years Amc. Totally no of warranty is 10 years. • Fixed Total no of warranty maximum will be from 3years without spare parts warranty
• Our Heads of the machine can be easily interchangeable • Heads are unable to interchange
• Once you fix the occulation you need not keep changing the settings on monthly basis for different patients without any interruption • Once you fix the occulation you need to keep setting up different features for on monthly basis for patients
• All price is very competative with all above feature • All price is not competative compare with our brand
• New version of Hypotherima you can do simutaneously warming the patient and cooling the heart ,with touch screen and remote control • You Do not have warming the patient and cooling the heart simutaneously in any imported brand machine
• It works with our enviromental humidity temperature and on voltage fluctuation • It is very sensitive and non enviromental for our humidity temperature and voltagefluctuation especially in rual areas
• Any additional accessories like Blood sensor level, bubble dector, pressure monitor with probe are given in a affordable price. • Any additional accessories are avaliable at a high cost compare withour brand