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Heart Lung Machine


Heart Lung Machine Moveable Model 4 heads: feather touch with battery backup one hour indigenous and compact single desigs ensure reliability conventional: electro mechanical drive continuous flow operation flow rate adjustable large & easy to read digital led display of flow in LPM & RPM hand crack for manual operation in case of power failure. Self – Locking control occasions three size foraging for use. In pump heat ½”, 3/8”, ¼” interchange ability of pump heats can be done quickly and easily , full stainless steel body timer, pressure gauge imported spot light(1yr warranty).


1.Heart lung is a apparatus , through which the blood is temporary diverted , during heart surgery , to oxygenate it and pump it throughout the body to maintaining circulation until the heart lung are able to return to normal function YES
2. Operational requirements : YES
Basic equipment will consist of the following unit YES
a. 5 pump single head or 3 pump single head + 2 pump double head with base. YES
b. monitor YES
c. pressure monitor -arterial Cardioplega transducers YES
d. timer -at least 3 timer YES
e. Temperature monitor with at least 2 probes. YES
f. Cardioplega pump should have display of total volume of each infusion along with delivery time YES
g. Safety device YES
h. level sensor YES
i. ultra sonic air center ( optional ) YES
3. Accessories with include: YES
a. Stainless steel line clamp 10 no’s YES
b. Stainless steel intra cardiac suckers 4 adult 4 pediatric YES
4.Techinuical specification : YES
1. Pump console YES
2. The unit has five pump console compactly arranged with separate power supply and control modules. Have easy access connectors for interchanging the pump YES
3. Each individual roller pump should be capable of running independently at available voltage YES
4. It has spill proof base YES
5. This unit will be supplied with a battery backup for at least two pumps, all safety systems and accessories will be functioning for 60 min. Switching over from power to battery backup will be automatically done . The battery unit will be built into the pump base and it will be recharged automatically when the system is operating with main power supply YES
6. Our machine has individual pump head , has Harvey roller pumps with facility for tubing to be used adjustable from 1/4 “ to 5/8” through 3/8” and 1/2 “ by easily changeable mechanism YES
7. Individual pump head has display in digital - the total infusion in liters and delivery time the flow rate in LPM and in RPM YES
8. Each pump has easy mechanism for occlusions system for different thickness of tube available in the market , 1/32” to 3/32 “ YES
9. We provided hand crank facility as critical safety feature hand crank loading from top for fastest access. YES
10. The console has a compact base mount for the entire pump head together, with pole and handle s YES
11 We have variable, changeable tubing holder in each pump head :1/4”, 3/8”,1/2” and 5/8” YES
12. We are providing removal oxygen holder YES
13. Roller pump have a self diagnostic circuit with provision to dedicate and display critical alarm condition , Optional pulsatile mode with the mounted on any of the blood pumps YES
14. It has monitor mount with adjustable monitoring arm. YES
Monitor: YES
1. Pressure monitor : facility to monitor one arterial line pressure and one Cardioplega monitor pressure (total 2) YES
2. Along with necessary transducers , Cardioplega line pressure (total2); along with necessary with pressure transducers and also with accurate display and alarm facilities’ audio and visual delivery with stop, reset, and start function YES
Temperature : YES
1. Four temperature displays for patient monitoring and for Cardioplega monitoring with digital display in Celsius should be available. YES

1 We offer 3 years of spare warranty and 7 yrs CAMC/AMC , totally the warranty is 10 yrs Normally 1 yr maximum will be 2 yrs without spare parts. They will not entertain CAMC/AMC
2 We have a battery backup up to 2 hours for all the 4 heads. 45 minutes of battery backup only available
3 Service and maintenance, spare parts are available readily with affordable cost Spare parts will not be easily available (because of imported types of spares) also the service will not be promt
4 Our heads of line the machine can be easily interchangeable Heads are unable to interchange
5 Once you fix the occultation you need not keep changing the setting on monthly basis for different patients without any interruption Once you fix the occultation you need to keep setting up different features for on monthly basis for patients.
6 New version of Hypothermia you can do simultaneously warming the patients and cooling the heart , with touch screen and remote control You do not have warming the patient and cooling the heart simultaneously in any other imported brand machine.
7 It works with our environmental humidity temperature and an voltage fluctuation It is very Sensitive and no environment for our humidity temperature
8 Any additional accessories like blood sensor level, bubble detector pressure monitor with probe are given in a affordable All accessories are available at a high cost compare with our brand
9 We have experienced service team available so 100% assurance for any emergency break down will be attended within 48 hours time. Cannot expect the service back up for refurbished machine due to spares.